Ten Outstanding Peach Blossom III The popular Chinese series’ synopsis.

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Synopsis Ten Outstanding Peach Blossom III All

After the Immortal Clan successfully trapped the Demon Lord and after 70,000 years of war, the Demon Lord was able to escape the seal. The Demon God then dispatched Bai Qian to the mortal realm, where he fell in love with Ye Hua after naming her Ye Hua in the Human Realm. Soo Jin, envious of their love, creates a misunderstanding on purpose for both of them. And as a result, Bai Qian lost her eyes. She leaped off Zhu Xian, after which she lost all of her memories. Ye Hua still recalled Bai Qian 100 years later, when the two reconnected. Even though he has not yet discussed anything.

The plot of the Chinese television series Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Li Peach Forest

Zhe Yan brought Bai Qian, disguised as the immortal Si Yin, to Kunlun Mountain in order to become Mo Yuan’s student, earning the title of God of War and acquiring the Jade Purity Fan as his standard weapon. one She soon began to cause numerous issues, being kidnapped by the envious Goddess Yao Guang and kidnapping Ling Yu, Mo Yuan’s ninth disciple, before being held captive for several weeks by the Ghost Lord.

Due to this anarchy, Ghost Lord Qing Cang waged war on the Celestial Clan before assassinating Ling Yu. Mo Yuan sacrificed his soul to stop the devastation and imprison the soul after Ling Yu’s body was returned to Mount Kunlun. Qing Cang then used the Bell of the East Emperor to destroy Heaven and Earth. Qing Cang’s belongings. When Mo Yuan departed, the followers of Kunlun Mountain were forced to return to their respective homes.

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Bai Qian, who was still living in the Kunlun Mountains 70,000 years later, was aware that the seal may be broken at any time if Qing Cang genuinely broke. Bai Qian was the one who sealed away his power and memories, causing him to lose all of his memories.

A deliberate encounter between Bai Qian and Ye Hua.

When Bai Qian became an average woman, She met a wounded Ye Hua when she was taken to the Nether Realm to care for the Golden Lion Beast of the Ghost Tribe. However, this unwittingly exacerbated his wounds. Despite his feelings, Ye Hua felt obligated to return Bai Qian’s generosity, and the two finally fell in love. In addition to giving her the name Su Su, he decided to marry Bai Qian. To avoid any calamity, he attempted to conceal his pregnant wife Bai Qian from the Nine Heavens, but was eventually discovered. Bai Qian was thereafter transported to the Nine Heavens.

Then, Su Jin, who was envious of their love, caused Bai Qian to lose his eyes by creating a disagreement between them. And after giving birth to Ali, Bai Qian jumped over Zhu Xian’s balcony, mistaking Ye Hua for a betrayer in order to commit suicide.

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Bai Qian’s Seal of Memory

After Bai Qian’s death, the power and memories she had imprisoned were released. and has regained her title as goddess However, Bai Qian remained unable of coping with the mental anguish that had transpired. She requested that Ze Yan procure an Amnesia Pill to erase all memories of the events surrounding the sealing of the power. In addition, this caused her to forget about Ye Hua.

Bai Qian is invited to a feast 300 years later, till he encounters Ye Hua again. which she has no recollection of. Ye Hua continued to acknowledge Bai Qian as his sweetheart. So he attempted to pursue Bai Qian once more in the aim of regaining his love. successful in the end

As soon as Qing Cang was released from the seal, he amassed enough power to rekindle the hellfire that seared the heavens and earth. Ye Hua fought Qing Cang to the death, but at the cost of his own life. When Bai Qian saw Ye Hua’s lifeless body, he was unable to control himself. Bai Qian had, after all, always seen Ye Hua, but she understood it was either a dream or an illusion.

Three years later, Ye Hua arose from the dead in a crystal casket on a placid sea after being entombed for three years. and has returned to Bai Qian to resume their relationship

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